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Fun tooth and dental facts for kids

Dental issues are serious and painful. So why don’t we try to mix it all up and include some fun facts to make learning about dental healthcare all the more fun and not just something laborious and obligatory. Don’t forget to find a good Kids Dentist Houston as soon as possible and go to frequent check-ups to make sure your kids’ teeth are healthy.

1. Tooth fairy

Most English speaking countries, but especially the United States cultivates the fairy tale of the Tooth Fairy who would leave gifts for the kids for every tooth which they lose. But it’s essential for the kids to hide the tooth under their pillow they sleep on. Money or other presents may come the next morning but kids need to make sure they brush their teeth to make sure they are well protected from early-on.


2. Raton Perez

The Latin American version of the Tooth Fairy is a hairy mouse called Raton Perez who they generally call El Ratoncito.  The figure is generally present in plenty of folk tales and even promotions have used it in Venezuela for Colgate toothpaste ads. Regardless of the difference in the figure, the habit of hiding the fallen teeth under the pillow remains the same.

3. The first toothbrush in the world

History and folk tales are all different on what was first used by humans for cleaning the teeth. While according to some resources humans used to even use tiny tree branches to clean their teeth, the very first toothbrush which was ever made used animal hair for the brushes

4. Drinking soda drinks would really weaken the teeth

The majority of kids’ and teens’ tooth decays can be thanked for drinking too much soda drinks which are some of the worst when it comes to the biggest enemies of the teeth.


5. In Japan irregular teeth are considered cute

Especially when it comes to wolves’ teeth which refer to the two side teeth that we are said to inherit from our predatory ancestors. Don’t ask why Japanese consider irregular teeth cute, however if your kids have irregular teeth, definitely get them examined by a top dentist in Houston (if you live close or in the city). In case you need help just google “Kids Dentist In Houston Near Me”.

6. In Asia nobles used to blacken their teeth

The whiteness of the teeth was considered uncool or even shameful by the nobles of China and Japan. That’s why many noble ladies went on and used all sorts of substances (sepia’s ink or other things) for instance) to make their teeth look black, to make them literally disappear.

Dental offices in Houston Texas can help a great deal in getting a great and friendly kids’ dentistry services for your family with additional dental hygiene sessions to make the act of tooth cleaning all the more fun as an activity. If you are not based in this area, just search Top Dentist In Houston near you to find out more about top dental services in your respective city, town or region.

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