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Little known interesting dental facts

There is so much to learn about dental hygiene and on how to keep your teeth clean. It’s also important to learn about your options concerning dental crowns Houston, in case you work in an occupation where the look of your teeth are absolutely important or if you simply feel you would be much happier to be able to show your full smile without the fear of people seeing your bad teeth. So, here are some interesting facts about dental health, dental crowns and much more, to keep you interested in the health of your teeth.


  • Most celebrities who you see on TV have crowns or had their whole set of teeth replaced for them to look perfect. Models generally do the same early on in their careers.
  • Most tooth whitening products and Porcelain Crowns Houston you see advertised would either not work or they would really hurt your enamel. This is also true for those home DIY methods which are often suggested in videos. Citric acid and baking soda in fact are very strong substances which can really hurt your enamel especially when used multiple times. They would eventually make the enamel go thinner and become much more sensitive plus more vulnerable to decays.
  • Electric toothbrush is a better and easier tool to use to keep your teeth clean, however make sure your children know how to properly use their toothbrush before switching to electric toothbrush.
  • Veneers are so much more risky to do than alone-standing crowns or even implants. The reason for that is, that veneers would need to involve one or more healthy teeth of yours, which basically keep it in place. Should these teeth move and should a tiny gap be created between the veneer and the gums, infections would appear, that take long time and many procedures to restore. When it comes to tooth restoring and Porcelain Veneers Houston Tx procedures, always go for the safer option even if it costs you more money. Many dental services nowadays accept partial payments for an overall service.
  • Up until not too long ago, people used to use gold for making dental crowns and in fact they keep on using these to this day. Even about a decade ago flashing golden crowns was considered to be a cool thing and in some subcultures it still is. Gold was the best compatible metal to be used as it cannot oxidize and it’s very resistant.
  • Today’s tooth implants are however very high quality and made out of special metals to which our body would not react negatively. But with this said, there is a long waiting period before and after implanting a fake tooth to make sure, they are accepted by our bodies.
  • Tooth problems can be precursors of other health issues and many of these are inherited. So, if your family has bad teeth overall, are more likely to get decayed or other complications, you will need to take much higher care to your own teeth and even more importantly to your children’s teeth.


We hope you could learn from all this information. If you feel you need crowns or implants to make your teeth look better consult a Dental Crowns Tomball specialist to learn more about the processes and your possibilities.

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